Texas grand jury issues no indictments in Black inmate death


Texas Grand Jury does not indict Black inmate deaths

Eight Texas jailers were not indicted by a grand jury for the in-custody death in Texas of a Black man who was beaten up by detention officers.

By Associated Press

June 23, 2021, 11:39 AM

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McKINNEY Texas — Eight Texas grand juries declined to indict jailers in the death in custody of a Black male who was beaten by detention officers.

The Collin County grand juror issued a rare statement Tuesday, calling for the creation a work group to examine Marvin Scott III’s March death to prevent another similar incident.

The statement stated, “We sincerely wish that the loss Marvin Scott II will not go unpunished.” “We recommend that you convene a group to discuss the March 14th events to gain lessons to help prevent future tragedy.”

The grand jury found no probable cause to charge the eight jailers with a crime in connection with Scott’s death, which was ruled a homicide in April. A medical examiner found that Scott died of “fatal acute stress response” while struggling with officers who were trying to detain him.

Scott was previously diagnosed by schizophrenia, according to the medical examiner. Scott’s family believes that Scott was in a mental health crisis at that time.

Scott was then covered with pepper spray. The deputies also used a mask made of spit to cover Scott’s forehead. Scott stopped responding and was eventually declared dead at a hospital.

“The inability of prosecutors to obtain indictments in the matter reflects Texas’s tendency to undervalue the lives of African Americans experiencing mental health crisis,” he wrote.

After Scott’s death, seven jailers were fired and one resigned. Zach Horn, an attorney representing several of the jailers, said in a statement that he will begin the reinstatement process for the detention officers who wish to return to their jobs.

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