The Anti-Gay Agenda


Baldwin also mentioned another idea in the interview, which I believe is even more important. He said that “the sexual and racial questions have always been intertwined.”

This observation rings true in so many ways.

I have always maintained that all -isms (and -phobias) are cousins. That is, in a society that places white straight, cisgender men at top of the hierarchy of humanity, everyone who isn’t white, straight or cisgender, gets assigned a lower ranking.

In that sense, racism, transphobia, homophobia, and sexism all descend from the one tree.

A bias can also influence or amplify another.

In a society that considers racism a sport, where each racial groups is jockeying against one another, all of which are shadowed in a culture of white supremacy laced mitogyny, anything you do to reduce your percentage or “feminize” them is seen by some as weakening your race.

Gay Blacks become agents against Black power or Black liberation. This is a significant weight on the race.

Interracial terror is relegated to the background when this false thesis is accepted. It is not the Gay Black person who becomes a victim to a white supremacist attack of Black masculinity. It’s the Black homophobe who becomes an instrument against his brethren.

And it is important to point out that the racist and the homophobe often employ the same tactics. Last week, discussed how white supremacists use child defense to try and make their hatred worthy. This tactic is often used by homophobes, who claim they are protecting children from being exposed.

That is precisely the defense Boosie Badazz used when appearing on “The Breakfast Club” radio show, at one point seemingly expressing a fear that if rappers didn’t speak out against certain expressions of gayness, an entire generation of children could be indoctrinated.

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