How Jovenel Moïse Went from Banana Exporter to Haitis President


He said that everyone has been named, including mine, as to who might have killed him.

James Morrell is the director of Haiti Democracy Project. This group was formed by former U.S ambassadors and monitors elections in Haiti. He disagreed with those who believe Mr. Moise illegally remained in power. He claimed that the United States and international community had “pulled the rug out from under” him by withdrawing United Nations troops who had provided protection.

Mr. Morrell stated, “The opposition was going after him almost from the beginning.”

He stated, “I think he wasn’t very effective.” He became more abusive.”

Even his critics agree Mr. Moise used office power to fight monopolies which offered lucrative contracts to the rich elite. And that made him enemies. But others saw his crusade as hypocritical, because as he fought the oligarchs, he became one himself.

LeonieHermantin, a Miami activist representing the Haitian community said, “To some he’s a corrupt leader, while to others he’s a reformer.” “He was a man who was trying to change the power dynamics, particularly when it came to money and who had control over electricity contracts. The oligarchy was paid billions to supply electricity to a country that was still dark.

Simon Desras is a former opposition senator in Haiti. He said that Moise seemed well aware that his struggle against powerful and wealthy interests would lead to his execution.

“I seem to recall that he stated in his speech that he had just targeted the rich by putting an end their contracts,” Mr. Desras said as he drove through Haiti’s deserted streets in a telephone interview. “He said they used to assassinate people and push people into exile. That could be the reason he died,”

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