Michigan Republicans Debunk Voter Fraud Claims in Unsparing Report


On Wednesday , the Michigan Republicans led committee published an extraordinary debunking voter fraud claims in the state. This comprehensive response to the litany of allegations about impropriety in the 2020 election as well as its aftermath.

The 55-page report produced by a Michigan State Senate panel of three Republicans (and one Democrat) is a comprehensive rebuttal to a range of false claims about Trump’s election. They primarily focus on Michigan but also expose the lies surrounding the Georgia vote-counting system.

The report is uncompromising in its criticisms against those who have propagated false theories regarding the election. It denies claims by Trump allies such as Mike Lindell who is the chief executive at MyPillow and Rudolph W. Giuliani who was the ex-president’s attorney.

Yet while the report eviscerates claims about election fraud, its authors also use the allegations to urge their legislative colleagues to change Michigan’s voting laws to make absentee voting harder and limit the availability of drop boxes for absentee ballots, as Republicans have done in other swing states as they try to limit voting.

“This commission found no evidence in Michigan of widespread or systematic fraud in the prosecution of the 2020 Election,” the authors wrote. After that, the authors added: “It was the opinion this committee that our election system needs statutory improvements.”

The Michigan Republicans, who control the state legislature, have debated for weeks a number of new voting restrictions. Governor. Gretchen Whitmer a Democrat said she would veto the legislation. However Michigan law allows citizens avoid the governor by collecting 340.047 signatures.

Michigan’s secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, said on Wednesday that she hoped Republican lawmakers would use the report to “cease their attempts to deceive citizens with misinformation and abandon legislation based on the lies that undermine our democracy.”

These are some of the Michigan reports that refute Trump’s claims regarding the election.

  • Referring specifically to Antrim County in Northern Michigan — in which local election officials temporarily and inadvertently transferred voting numbers before correcting the errors, the report suggests Michigan’s attorney-general Dana Nessel, a Democrat should investigate. It also states that anyone who promoted Antrim County theories to be the primary evidence of a nationwide conspiracy for election theft had “all other statements or actions they made in a position that was zero credibility.”

  • Voter Integrity Project (right-wing group) has stated that Michigan received 289.866 “illegal votes”. Report authors called 40 people from their list of presumed voters who were given absentee ballots, without asking them. Only two said that they were sent unrequested. One was already on the state’s permanent list of absentee voters. One voted absentee at the 2020 primary election. The other may not have remembered to check a box in order to request an absentee ballot for the general election.

  • The report revealed that Republican operatives were responsible for the chaos which occurred after Election Day, when votes were tallied at the TCF Center. “The Wayne County Republican Party, and other independent organizations, should repudiate the actions of certain people that created panic and had unskilled and unnumbered persons descend at the TCF Center,” says the report.

  • The report stated that claims that Dominion Voting Systems machines were hacked in Michigan and other states to alter results were false. State Senator Ed McBroom (a Republican) was the chairman of the committee. He called Georgia officials to inquire into claims Jovan Pulitzer made about his ability to manipulate vote count results. Mr. Pulitzer’s testimony “has been demonstrated to be untrue and a complete fabrication,” the report said. “He had no access to data, votes or the ability manipulate the tabulators directly or with malicious software. He was unable to distinguish fraudulent ballots and legitimate ones.

  • After examining the wide-ranging claims that Mr. Lindell made about fraud and impropriety during vote-counting, the report stated that “this narrative was ignorant of multiple levels in the actual election process.” It then began a lengthy debunking.

  • Trump claimed that Detroit saw more votes cast than those who live there. However, the report found that Detroit’s turnout was less than half of eligible voters, and only 37% of the city population.

  • The Detroit vote-counting centre did not receive any secret ballots. The report says that a widely circulated image in media and online reports showed secret delivery of ballots late at night. However, it was actually a photograph of WXYZ TV’s photographer transporting his equipment.

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